Saying Goodbyes and Scaling the Wall

NOTE: The next 3 blogs are all backlogged due to internet problems so this and the next 2 blogs are from the previous week 🙂

So yesterday we had our closing ceremonies at our schools. We spent a few hours playing games (including Chinese tongue twister competitions!) and singing and dancing. They also gave us cups with the school printed on them which change colour when hot 😄

My students 🙂
The incredible colour changing cup!
A very sweet letter and Polaroid from our student, Sylvia ❤


My tongue twister! I got a round of applause so I must’ve got it somewhat right!

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt prouder or more surreal leading a load of Chinese students through the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide. We even sang a song in Chinese (Tian Mei Mei), sort of. Very poorly. But it’s the thought that counts I’m sure.


We also did a little rendition of Reach for the Stars

Our class bought us a gift! They gave us a huge heavy tin of Beijing delicacies (yum!).



It was quite an emotional day, I really will miss that class.

So naturally we went drinking to recover from the emotional trauma. I’ve actually caught a cold from the air con and smoke and everything but that didn’t stop me or anyone else screaming singing along at KTV. It was cracking fun and I think I may have found my new hobby.

This morning we were up and out by 7 for the Great Wall. This was my second time visiting the Great Wall but I can safely say it doesn’t get any less great second time around. It was a tiring hike up but worth it at the top. And if that wasn’t enough I also found a hilarious Obama and Mao based punny t shirt “Obamao”. Best purchase so far.

The Start!
Coffee Stop halfway
The Climb.
The wall
The top!
35 degree heat and beautiful sights galore ❤
It was a tiring climb!

Also got chopsticks with a ducky holder and bought Sean a stamp with his name on in Chinese and English 🙂

Tomorrow we take the train to Chengdu and finally (after a 14 hour journey) we will be able to settle into our apartment 😍 can’t wait to be all settled in and stop living out of a suitcase. AND finally meet my classes ☺️


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