New Friends and Light Up Flowers

Pretty unusual night last night! Adrian took us to meet a friend of his (Amy) who employs foreign teachers to do evening classes (pocket money!). She’s a lovely woman who brought with her an assistant called Susan and her daughter Cindy. She took us to a Peking Duck restaurant. I have never tasted duck so good in my life, plus it came complete with pancakes and hoisin sauce! In case you haven’t guessed by now, most of my blog entries will concern food.


After dinner Amy took us all the way into Chengdu, she drove us to the subway and we all got the subway in (30p a ticket) to the IFS which has a giant metal panda on the top of it (very cute). The IFS is a very, very swanky mall with Gucci, Prada and all the other brands I can’t afford within it. BUT it had an art exhibition on the top floor (which is grassed) which had been flown in from South Korea and is absolutely beautiful. The whole roof is covered in light up white roses! It was a magical introduction to Chengdu which looks amazing at night, all lit up and covered in sky scrapers and projected adverts on buildings. I can’t wait to explore it one weekend soon.

Giant Panda – Literally!
The flowers


His bum hangs over the mall so when you stand at the bottom you can see him climbing over ❤


Alas we didn’t have the time to explore properly, especially as it was pouring with rain. So, Amy took us for desert (woman after my own heart), I had almond tea and nearly fell asleep at the table for it. Sean had iced watermeloooone juice (blitzed frozen watermelon – delicious).

I forgot to take a picture of my tea but this sign was at the entrance and I couldn’t help myself. Does it mean they don’t take pity on pets or that no pets is a pety? Who knows! Hah

As always impromptu nights out are the best nights out!


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